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Get to know me

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I'm Ellie Louise and I've fallen in love with capturing your big day! I love photographing weddings because every one is different, I love getting to know you and your loved ones, and I love becoming a part of your special days.


A few facts about me:

  1. I have a BA (Hons) Photography Degree from UWE, Bristol

  2. I bake some type of cake or cookie every week, I can't cope if I don't have something sweet in the afternoon!

  3. I don't like tea or coffee (but really appreciate when all my lovely couples offer me them!)

  4. I've run three half marathons (2020 should have been my fourth, so should 2021...maybe 2022!)

  5. I lived in Spain for six months before starting university

  6. I moved to London after graduating and currently live there, but I'm a country-side person at heart. Thankfully I have bases all over the country with family and friends so I get to shoot and travel all over!

  7. I read at least 35 books a year

  8. There's a very good chance I'm wearing dungarees right now

  9. I'm training to be an Art & Design teacher so I can pass on my love of all things creative!

  10. My lockdown hobby of sewing has become an obsession. I'm probably wearing something I made right now...

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My Style

My approach is simple: I love to document every aspect of your day from the little moments to the bigger moments.


Storytelling is key in my photography, so my attention will be focused on letting you look back and remember every single moment. Candid images are amongst my favourites and I'll blend in to capture you and your guests without them even realising so you get plenty of natural, organic images of you and your loved ones enjoying your incredibly special day. I'll make sure to get your group photos too, but I promise you I won't be asking you to say "cheese"! 

When it comes to photographing the two of you, I like to keep things natural. I encourage you both to talk and laugh with each other when we're taking photos together. Your wedding day will only happen once, and the couple shoot is a perfect time for you both to catch up about the day when you're away from everyone else for a few minutes!

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If I sound like the sort of photographer you'd like to have at your wedding, then please get in touch for enquiries! I'm available for weddings all over the UK and abroad.